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22 Ways that will make you a champion about safety
Learn to think like a champion. 22 Ways That Will Make You a Champion for Safety is a book that challenges you to reflect on common principles that impact your personal commitment to safety. David uses relevant examples to relate to universal challenges in the workplace. Everyone employee will benefit from the stories and experiences in David's book.

Performance Minded: Character Driven Strategies



Where Safety Strategy meets Execution

Strategic plans that address everyday safety challenges.


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You know the challenges and obstacles that you face every day. You know where you want to go.

We have faced many of the same challenges and we have experience leading positive change.

Together, we can build and execute a sustainable safety plan that has a positive impact on your performance.



Peak Safety Performance Models


We Put Principle to Practice

Peak Safety Performance will help you establish a framework for leading and managing safety performance. The proven process will help clients establish safety principles recognized as industry best practices. Clients can demonstrate their commitment to each principle by executing specific practices.

The process is based on David Lynn’s book Principle to Practice. For information about workshops, site consultation, and ongoing partnerships contact David Lynn.

We Develop Leaders

Safety Leadership Training

Peak Safety Performance will help you customize Safety Leadership Training for your workforce. The goal is to develop and deliver tactical material that helps a supervisor impact safety performance in a positive way. Clients can select topics that meet their needs most.

We Facilitate Safety Transformation

A safety transformation is a basic shift in safety character that helps an organization to pursue the goal that No One Gets Hurt. The Safety Transformation Workshop (STW) is designed to help clients make breakthrough improvements that help build a world class safety culture. The STW teaches participants 8 steps for leading change. Participants also learn how the steps impact fundamental safety leadership principles. The goal of the class is help leaders initiate and lead a profound and radical safety transformation. The STW is catalyst for breakthrough improvements in safety performance.

For information about workshops and site consultation, contact David Lynn.

We Teach Root Cause Analysis

We help you learn from the past so that you can influence the future.

Principle to Practice Root Cause Analysis Workshop

The class is a tactical approach to solving problems that result in an injury. In this session, the participants will learn different approaches for analyzing events that lead to an incident. The class will help people identify areas of influence that will prevent future incidents. The analysis tool prompts an investigator to evaluate the conditions and behaviors that contribute to the incident in a systematic process. The process provides data that you can trend and identify causes as well as specific defense failures. With the data, you can develop sustainable corrective actions.

Peak Safety Performance can also assist clients with incident investigations.

We Help You Engage Your Workforce

Safety Champion Programs

The tool is a mentoring process that identifies natural leaders in the workplace. The process gives these natural leaders the responsibility to focus on safety in their work area while they still perform their assigned duties. Safety Champions become an advocate for safety and they monitor safe behavior and conditions with simple checklist. They provide a positive peer-to-peer influence with other employees. It is a great tool to get people involved with your safety program!

For information about workshops and site consultation, contact David Lynn.






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